Konferans Tranzisyon pou Jen – Youth Transition Conference

Konferans Tranzisyon pou jen – Youth Transition Conference

Yon fanmiy ki gin yon pitit ou byen yon elev ki gin yon andikap ou yon konsidsyon ap benefisye de konferans sa! Jwen ak nou pou nou ka pale ak 3 jen ki, malgre andikap yo, fe gran efo pou yo ka trase yon chemin pou reyisit pa yo.

Nou gen 3 jen ki pral pale avek nou sou cheminman pa yo etan ke yo afekte pa andikap visib e envisib. Nap gen opotinite pou nou tande istwa yo, e pose keksyon.

Planifikasyon tranzisyon se yon pwosesis kontinyèl ki kòmanse nan laj 12 ans pou prepare elèv ki gen andikap pou lavi apre lekòl segondè. Li mande pou planifikasyon, devlopman konpetans, ak yon rezo sipò. Konferans sa ap touche suje sa yo ak anpil lot bagay…

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How to Choose an Adult Healthcare Provider and Make My Own Doctor Appointments

Workshop Summary

As youth transition from pediatric to adult healthcare services, they must understand the differences they will encounter. This presentation will help youth become familiar with engaging with adult providers and how the adult healthcare system works. This presentation will also help youth learn how to prepare for an appointment, what to take to the appointment, and what to expect at the appointment.

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Best Practices for Inclusion

Jeanne Petit, our parent training coordinator will present this workshop:

This presentation will explore inclusive education, including the definition, key components, and evidence-based planning and instructional practices to promote meaningful access to a general education classroom” with “meaningful access to the least restrictive environment and peer relationships and support in inclusive classrooms.

This event will be presented LIVE on our Facebook FND PEN page: https://www.facebook.com/events/103272356072604?ref=newsfeed

Making Connections



Offered in collaboration with Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Family Network on Disabilities, YMCA of South Florida and JAFCO.

For more info contact Marissa Aquino, MS

Research & Evaluation Manager, Children’s Services Council of Broward County

954-377-1667 • maquino@cscbroward.org


Join Soren Richardson and the DSACF monthly webinar.
This month’s guest speaker is Elizabeth Watson, Supported Employment/Community Affairs Liaison.
In this webinar, we will discuss the following:
– The application process for APD
– Services & Waitlist
– Supported Employment
– and much more
APD works with local organizations and private providers to support people with developmental disabilities and their families in living, learning, and working in their communities.
APD identifies the service needs of people with developmental disabilities, and those individuals may receive social, medical, behavioral, residential, and/or therapeutic services.
Elizabeth Watson has been in various roles with the APD for the past 17 years. She started as the Administrative Assistant working with the waiver unit, transferring files, and working with Support Coordinators. About five years ago she became the Supported Employment/Community Affairs Liaison in the Central Region. She is the liaison between families and providers. She also attends many community events informing families of the services available from the agency.

Strengthen Your Work with Families! Understanding Systems of Care and the Laws that Protect Individuals with Disabilities

This presentation gives professionals an in-depth understanding of the various systems of care in which families will engage for services. Participants will also learn about the laws that protect those with disabilities and what collaboration with families should look like.

This presentation is presented by Family Network on Disabilities in collaboration with Early Steps Gulf Central. For questions or additional information, contact Nelsy Crowell at 941-957-8202

Registration information is in the flyer.

Parenting a Child with Mental Health Needs: Systems to Engage Your Child and Family

A System of Care Is Not a Specific Type of Program

The System of Care approach was developed as a way to better serve children and youth with serious mental health conditions and their families. The goal is to provide children and their families with the services they need in their homes and communities in order to avoid the need for inpatient and residential treatment.

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Understanding SSI/SSDI

This presentation will highlight information on understanding the application, eligibility for special cases and populations, and how to navigate denials.

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