How FND Began

We have programs all over Florida, to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Here For You, Always.

FND understands the challenges affecting families that have children with disabilities. That’s because we were founded in 1985 by those same families – the ones seeking more and better options for the care and education of their kids. The active, caring parents that were among FND’s original members have helped it grow into the state and national organization it is today.

Before our founding, kids with disabilities were generally met with low expectations by those entrusted with teaching them. But as FND has grown and evolved, we have worked to deliver information and training to families and provide one-on-one assistance to help them understand their rights and receive better education outcomes for their children.

A Seat at the Table

We strive to ensure that families are active in the process of helping their children find the best care and educational opportunities.

“Families have a seat at the table” is the motto that shapes and guides our work. The families that work with us are committed to helping their children receive the best options for their education.

From its beginnings among a small group of parents, FND has grown into a national organization that advocates for kids with disabilities so that they receive free appropriate public education and achieve high-level outcomes.

When a child is born with a disability, parents may not know where to turn. FND actively seeks those families so we can be their lifeline to a better tomorrow.
One of the original children of FND expresses his gratitude this way: “I was born with disabilities and had learning disabilities my entire life. FND found us.”

OUR MESSAGE TO FAMILIES: We are here for you, always. You may not know what to ask or where to turn. But in your darkest moments, we will find you.

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