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Florida’s resource for helping families of children with disabilities.
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We’re Here for You

For over 35 years, Family Network on Disabilities has been a Parent Training and Information Center (PTI). Discover the value we provide as a PTI and the services you can benefit from free of charge.

Who We Are

For over 35 years, Family Network on Disabilities has developed up-to-date training on a variety of topics concerning the disability community that will benefit parents, self-advocates, educators, and professionals. You’ll be glad to know we’ve added our youth advocate workshop series into the mix.

How FND Began

Family Network on Disabilities was started by the same families that we have helped over the past 35 years. We understand their needs and their struggles. And it’s our mission to find them.

Need to speak to someone?

When you want to speak with a live representative to get
the help you need, we’re here to listen.

Our Information Hub Has Handpicked Resources to Help You Now

We spend every day combing through the vast amount of information out there to bring you the help you need, in a way you can easily understand. Explore our KnowledgeBase and subscribe for updates.

Transition Guidebook

In this toolkit you will find information related to transitioning from high school life to adulthood

COVID-19 Checklist

Our checklist for back-to-school readiness and COVID-19. Health comes first!

Procedural Safeguards

Federal safeguards designed to protect the rights of parents and children with disabilities.

“Our Needs are Different”

A video exploring how the needs of the LGBTQ+ community are different.

Behind every picture is a lifetime of stories

Explore our digital media library and experience the stories of
thousands just like you.


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