Tip Sheets for Parents and Families

NEW Understanding ESE Acronyms

Have you ever been sitting in a IEP meeting and have been lost by all the acronyms being used by those around you?

Take a look at our ESE acronyms tip-sheet to understand how a BIP can be used by am ABA support PBIS which can help reach LRE as defined by IDEA to achieve FAPE. Click below to download in your language:

NEW Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making is an understanding that some students/persons with disabilities may need more support to make decisions. With Supported Decision-Making the supporter gives advice but the person with the disability makes the final decision.

NEW SB 850 & SB 1108 (Now Signed Into Law)

Parent and Student Rights: Parents

Senate Bill 850 and 1108 now Florida Law had a big impact on Special Education in our state. Here is a quick overview on some of the things we need to be aware of concerning parent and student rights. This tip sheet looks at what parents need to know. 

NEW SB 850 & SB 1108 (Now Signed Into Law)

Parent and Student Rights: Students

Senate Bill 850 and 1108 now Florida Law had a big impact on Special Education in our state. Here is a quick overview on some of the things we need to be aware of concerning parent and student rights. This tip sheet looks at what students need to know. 

NEW Top 10 IEP Acronyms

Top 10 IEP acronyms to look at before walking into your IEP meeting.

NEW Natural Supports for Families in Rural Communities

In many rural communities in Florida life looks very different than some of our bigger cities. This is a quick look at what are natural supports offered in a rural community.

Tip-Books for Parents and Families

The following Tip Booklets have been created through the collaboration of FND and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). FND understands and respects the beliefs and opinions of those who choose not to use “Person First Language”. At FND, we respectfully prefer to use “Person First Language”.

Tips for Parental Involvement

All parents want to be involved in their children’s lives, interests, and educational experience’s. Times are busy and parents are struggling with juggling work and everyday living. This Tip Booklet offers help with staying involved with, and supportive of, your child’s education.

IDEA Tips for Parents

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, is a federal law that regulates how states provide special education services to children with disabilities. This Tip Booklet explains IDEA.

School, Community, Inclusion-Friendly Initiative Tip Booklet

“Family Friendly Communities” is a phrase that has three words we all know and like. If they were written this way on a ballot, odds are we’d most likely vote in favor. How do we create family-friendly communities and where to do we start?

Tips for Transition

A transition is a shift or movement from one thing to another. In this Tip Booklet, “transition” means moving into adulthood. This includes the changes in responsibilities, expectations, and abilities that come with that.


Transitions can be difficult for anyone; most people take comfort in familiar settings. People with Autism Spectrum Disorder often use routines in order to better navigate life, and a sudden change – beginning or leaving school, or getting a job – may be very unpleasant. Preparing people with autism for change, and making the change less sudden, makes this easier.

Healthcare Transition

Transitions can be difficult, and transitioning from children’s health care to adult healthcare can be especially difficult for young people with autism. However, the transition can be made less challenging with preparation.

Relationships & Sexuality

In order for all of us to live in relative harmony with one another, we form relationships and interact with each other in such a way as to become friends, gain trust, and create strong emotional bonds. In time, we may find a person we wish to spend the rest of our lives with. But these relationships never come about automatically. They require practice, effort, patience, and understanding. This Tip Booklet is designed to help you on your way to forming the relationships we hope you will be able to sustain for the rest of your life.

Post-Secondary Options

Finishing high school and moving into adulthood is complicated. It involves making many choices, often deciding among many options. This Tip Booklet has information to help you make these choices.

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