Florida Medicaid: What Families of Children with Disabilities Need to Know

Families of children with disabilities often need to access government benefit programs for medical services. These systems can be confusing and daunting for consumers to navigate. Knowing the basics of the process can alleviate some of the stress in applying for benefits and programs. In this presentation, participants will get a better understanding of the application process for the Florida State Medicaid program.
*Note: This is an overview of the application process and will not get into specifics about individual circumstances or cases. Information will be provided to contact the Medicaid professionals to assist further.

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Individual Healthcare Plans Plans for IEP & 504

Join Parent Training Coordinator Luz Oquendo as we discuss Individual Healthcare plans for IEPs and 504 plans. This presentation will identify what these documents are and what information should be included in them and will review sample options. For additional resources, click on the link below.