Transition and Moving Forward

Transition IEP & Moving Forward

Workshop Summary

The Transition IEP is essential to helping youth with disabilities learn how to transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities successfully. This workshop helps to teach everyone exactly how to make the most of the TIEP and how to best work with youth with disabilities to ensure they have the tools and information to fulfill their post-secondary goals.

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The Individual and Emergency Health Care Plan in the IEP and 504

Workshop Summary

Children in school systems with healthcare concerns should have additional documents to support their medical needs. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) should include an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) and an Emergency Healthcare Plan (EHP) for their specific needs while in the school environment. This presentation will identify these documents and what information should be included and review sample options.

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How to Choose an Adult Healthcare Provider and Make My Own Doctor Appointments

Workshop Summary

As youth transition from pediatric to adult healthcare services, they must understand the differences they will encounter. This presentation will help youth become familiar with engaging with adult providers and how the adult healthcare system works. This presentation will also help youth learn how to prepare for an appointment, what to take to the appointment, and what to expect at the appointment.

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