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Section 504 Review and Students with Medical Disabilities | Video

INformation Hub This 26-minute video is a product of the Utah Parent Center. Other Parent Centers can use the video in their own trainings or connect families with the video […]

May 18, 2022

The Science of Motivation and Its Implications

INformation Hub What’s the best way to motivate children? The natural motivation to learn about the world around us begins in infancy. This type of motivation can either be encouraged or […]

General Authority of School Personnel

INformation Hub  Current as of October 2017 To what extent may schools take disciplinary action when a child with disabilities violates a local code of student conduct? This page will answer that […]

Children (3 to 22)

INformation Hub In Spanish | En español   The education of children with disabilities is a top national priority. Our nation’s special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), […]

School Vouchers: What You Need to Know

INformation Hub Many states offer school voucher programs as a way to give parents choices in what school their child attends. Parents receive funds to use toward the cost of […]

School Vouchers, Education Savings Accounts, and Tax Incentives: Implications and Considerations for Students with Disabilities

INformation Hub Student participation in voucher programs has more than doubled since 2010. Despite the increasing popularity of school vouchers, education savings accounts (ESA), and tax incentive programs, many parents […]

School Health Records—Privacy and Access

INformation Hub Under federal and state law, school health records are considered educational records. This 2001 document from PACER Center  clarifies how this affects you and your child’s rights to privacy […]

School Discipline: The Rights of Students with IEPs and 504 Plans

INformation Hub (2019, May) | Available in English and Spanish | Useful to Parent Centers and the families and professionals they serve. Some kids have learning and attention issues that cause […]

Scheduling the IEP Meeting and Notifying Parents

INformation Hub Here are the particulars of what IDEA requires public agencies to do when scheduling any IEP meeting. IDEA’s provisions involve both common sense and courtesy, and are intended to ensure […]

May 17, 2022

Revisando el IEP

INformation Hub Esta información en inglés | This information in EnglishInformación precisa y actualizada a partir de 2021 IDEA contiene provisiones para el crecimiento y necesidades variables de los niños. Por […]

SABE Webinars

INformation Hub SABE stands for Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered. Their webinars cover quite a range of topics promoting self-advocacy. You’ll find webinars such as: disability awareness (“look through our eyes”) staying […]

Roadmap to Behavioral Health: A Guide to Using Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

INformation Hub Useful to Parent Centers and other service organizations that work with families. Is meant to be shared! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and SAMHSA released […]

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