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Resiliency Tools Can Help Military Kids Develop Self-Advocacy

Resiliency Tools Can Help Military Kids Develop Self-Advocacy

(2016, March) | Useful to military families and to Parent Centers working with military families.

This extensive resource page comes from the Military Parent Technical Assistance Center (MPTAC), also known as the Branch. The Branch is funded by OSEP to help Parent Centers increase their visibility with, and support for, military families within their communities.

The list of resiliency tools can be found on the Branch website, at:

About the Resource Page and the Tools Listed
In this resource, the Branch has identified some cool tools for military children to help them grow essential self-advocacy skills. They’re aimed at children ages four through middle school. These free tools were created to promote resilience, the ability to adapt to adverse circumstances or trauma. Qualities that promote resilience are almost identical to qualities that promote self-advocacy, so the tools the Branch has identified can be used for both.

Military parents may find these tools valuable as they work with their child. They may have heard about the resources, but not realized how they can be used for self-advocacy in younger children.  All the tools are designed to be used directly by elementary and middle-school-age children (sometimes with adult help, depending on their abilities).

To give you an idea of what types of tools you’ll find in this resource page, here’s a sampling of titles:

  • How Military Children Can Prepare for Switching Schools
  • How to Stay in Touch After Moving as a Military Kid
  • Sesame Street for Military Families
  • The Electric Company Special Edition for Military Kids

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SOURCE ARTICLE: The Center for Parent Information & Resources