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Tools for Teachers – Collaborative Teaming

Tools for Teachers – Collaborative Teaming

Collaborative teaming may be defined as two or more people working together toward a common goal. Collaborative teaming facilitates the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education environments, and can be viewed as “the glue that holds inclusive schools together” (Snell and Janney, 2000). Through collaborative teaming, the educational programs and special education supports for individual students are planned and implemented. Collaborative teams fill many functions in inclusive programs, including (a) assisting in reducing barriers to participating in school activities, (b) facilitating social interactions between students, (c) building peer support, (d) encouraging the contribution of ideas by family members, (e) embedding related services into the school day, and (f) designing plans to ease students’ transitions between grades and schools and into jobs or college (Snell and Janney, 2000).

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