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The Terrible Violence in Charlottesville Touches us ALL

The Terrible Violence in Charlottesville Touches us ALL

The Terrible Violence in Charlottesville Touches us ALL

The terrible violence in Charlottesville touches us all, especially those of us in the disability community.  Those wearing hoods and Nazi helmets and waving racist banners have a list of those who don’t deserve to live – and we are on it.  This battle involves all of us, whether we want it to or not.

There is nothing American about the Nazis and white supremacist terrorists who killed and injured people in Charlottesville.  They do not believe in America or what the United States – at its best – stands for:  The simple premise that everyone is equal.

That beautiful promise of equality is what we at FND struggle for every day – for ourselves, for our families, and for those persons with disabilities who we are honored to serve.  Make no mistake – those cowards who would deny others rights or even life itself based on the color of a person’s skin or where their family is from are the same who sneer at persons with disabilities and say that we are not human and are not worthy of life.  As if they have any right to judge anyone.  They may have a right to hate, but they need to be driven back under the rocks that they crawled out from under, where their hate cannot cause any more harm.

They may feel emboldened for the moment, but we have beaten them before and we will beat them again.  They are serial losers who worship bullying and abusive ideologies.  They play as soldiers and chant, wave flags, and brandish weapons, daring anyone to stop them.  Well, we will stop them – we, the vast majority who believe in America and refuse to coddle or excuse these sickening and pathetic actions.

That’s why I chose a different kind of flame than the torches of hate seen in Virginia – I’ve chosen a candle of hope.  If you are the victim of hate, FND will help you.  We will defend you.  We will advocate for you.  You will always be safe at FND.

The path that we must walk to defeat this scourge is not easy, but we can get there together.  I can still hear Martin saying that we won’t be satisfied until justice flows down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.  The water has started to flow and soon it will wash away the ugly stain of hate.  We need to all work to make this happen.  We at FND have chosen the path of justice and we will not rest until we reach our nation’s goal.  Join us and we will be victorious.


Richard La Belle, Esq. | Chief Executive Officer | Family Network on Disabilities