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Racial Equity Resource Guide

Racial Equity Resource Guide

(2020) | Useful to Parent Centers, community organizations, schools, and society at large


In 2010, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation launched America Healing, an effort to put racial and structural inequalities behind us, by first putting it squarely in front of us. America Healing is a strategy for racial healing toward racial equity, and is designed to raise awareness of unconscious biases and inequities to help communities heal. In support of America Healing, the Kellogg Foundation created this comprehensive and interactive racial equity resource guide that includes practical resources aimed at helping organizations and individuals working to achieve racial healing and equity in their communities.

Access the Resource Guide at:

About the Guide and What You’ll Find Within

Watch the Video | For a crash course in how the guide works, especially how you can create your own personalized guide of resources, start by watching the “How It Works” video, at:

Types of Resources and Search Functions | The video will introduce you to the  search functionality that allows you to identify resources suited to your needs or those of your organization or community. Resources include:

  • articles
  • organizations
  • research
  • books
  • media strategies
  • training curricula

Tabs across the top of the home page | On the home page, you’ll see tabs across the top: Organizations, Guides and Workshops, and Resources. Use these to drill down into one type of resource at a time.

Example | Let’s say you’re interested in identifying organizations working for racial equity. So you click on the Organizations tab, and go to a page that allows you to filter your search by such tags as media and communication; research for action; racial healing; and organizational alliances. You can also use filters for “Issues” (e.g., addressing laws, policy, and justice; advocacy and organizations) and by “State” (want to know what’s going on in your state?), and sort the results alphabetically or by publishing date.

These same filters are also available to filter your results under the Guides and Workshops tab, or under the Resources tab. In this way, you can build a resource of your own, tailored to your interests, needs, and community. The results can be downloaded in PDF and/or shared through social media.

Again, you can access the Resource Guide at:

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SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information & Resources