PIRC (Repository)

The Florida Parental Information and Resource Center (PIRC) of the Family Network on Disabilities (FND):

 Funding for this program ended on September, 30th, 2011. However, materials and information will continue to remain on this page for information dissemination purposes. If you have questions about parental involvement, please contact our office today.

The Florida State Parental Information and Resource Center of FND Mission Statement:

To strengthen partnerships between families, educators, and the community to enhance family involvement in all areas of decision-making that impact children 0 to 23 years and their families in meeting their development and educational needs.

The Florida PIRC Goals:

Promote family involvement in education through partnerships between The Florida Parent Information Resource Center of FND (PIRC) and schools, parents, other organizations, agencies, parent centers, and community-based family partners through technical assistance and in-service training materials and trainings for educators and families.


Provide information, training, and support for families and educators to:

  • Increase families awareness of education issues.
  • Increase educators’ awareness of the issues that impact family involvement for at-risk, minority, or hard-to-reach families.
  • Increase the numbers and types of partnerships between parents and schools.


Areas of Focus for the FL PIRC of FND Services:

  • State Accountability
  • Supplemental Educational Services
  • Public School Choice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Parental Involvement; Best Practices
  • Faith Based and Community Outreach
  • Parental Involvement Programs, Policies, and Activities

FL PIRC of FND Outcomes:

  • Improved home/school communication
  • Increased student academic achievement
  • Increased school academic achievement
  • Increased parent involvement in school planning
  • Increased parent involvement in school review
  • Increased parent involvement in school improvement
  • Increased school readiness

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