The Importance of Good Communication Skills

The Importance of Good Communication Skills

Before beginning the special education process, it may be useful to review the skills that can help you build a collaborative relationship with your school so that you and the school staff can develop an effective special education team. When a student is determined to have learning deficits or a disability, parents often find themselves thrust into a new role as a special education advocate.

In addition to learning about their child’s specific deficits or area of disability, they also need to learn the skills necessary to communicate effectively with school staff members and to become a member of their child’s education team. It is important that you develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust. Parents and staff members need to express thoughts in direct, honest, and appropriate ways while retaining and displaying respect for the rights and opinions of others.

In this downloadable PDF, you will find hints and tips will be useful when you prepare to attend a meeting about your child, whether it is an eligibility or IEP meeting or an informal meeting to discuss your child’s progress and/or your concerns. They will help you become a more effective member of your child’s education team and help you develop a positive, collaborative relationship with your child’s teachers.

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