Youth Advocate Special Needs

Youth Advocate Special Needs

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak and act on behalf of one’s self or a cause. Self-advocacy is an important skill that students learn as a youth and use throughout life.

Self-advocacy skills include

  • being assertive,
  • knowing one’s rights,
  • negotiating and speaking up for one’s self or a cause.

There are many steps to take to become an advocate for yourself.

A few of the steps are as follows:

  • know about your disability so you can explain it to anyone,
  • decide how much health information you want to share. It’s your decision how much to share,
  • know the difference between your real needs and wants in order to succeed at school,
  • if other students don’t understand your disability, try to explain it to them,
  • if you feel you are being mistreated by an adult, report it to someone immediately,
  • there are others who are going through the same so do not to be afraid to express yourself,
  • and always be proud of who you are.  



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