Revision vs Amendment

Revisions vs Amendments to an IEP, Individualized Education Plan

Revisions and Amendments mean two different things when it comes to an IEP, Individualized Education Plan.

  • REVISION. The IEP team will meet once every year to go back over the previous years IEP and make any revisions. Revisions mean correcting or making changes to goals already met or goals not met. This happens yearly and all goals are looked at in the students IEP and revisions are made then. The whole IEP team is present.
  • AMENDMENT. An amendment to an IEP is making changes to the existing IEP, you can choose to meet with the IEP team or not to have a meeting. You are making a revision to the original IEP you have in place. The whole IEP team must be knowledgeable the IEP is being amended.

To get the school to amend the IEP you must write a letter to the school notifying them of what you want to amend. The amendment must be attached to the original IEP.


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