Doctor's Appointment Tips

6 Tips to Communicate with Your Doctor Effectively

Going to a doctor can be a stressful situation. The doctor and patient relationship are built on trust and communication. You should be able to trust your doctor and be able to share all your symptoms with him/her.  Your doctor should be a great listener and offer feedback with your interest at heart.

There are several things you want to do when you go to a doctor:

  1. Be organized. Doctors have very little time, so in advance write down questions you want to focus on
  2. Keep good records. Provide your doctor with accurate information
  3. Set the tone. Let your doctor know how much you want to be in charge of your health
  4. Be assertive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s your health
  5. Be understanding. It’s helpful to be assertive but balance it with compliments
  6. Know how to keep in touch. Know the best way to get in touch with your doctor before you leave the appointment

Before you go into the doctor’s appointment be sure you have your health care plan, make sure it lists medicines on it. Know your medical history and how to explain it. During your visit be sure to keep your discussion focused and let your doctor know if you are seeing other specialists, and be assertive with friendliness and understanding.


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