Transition Tool Kit

Family Network on Disabilities created the Transition Tool Kit for the Youth Action and Advocacy in 2011. The purpose of this Transition Tool Kit is to put meaningful resources and information in the hands of youth across Florida just like you!

In this toolkit you will find information related to transitioning from high school life to adulthood. We hope the articles, videos and web links located here can help you through this stage as you enter into adulthood.

The information provided is sorted into different topic areas; Transition Starters, Independent Living, Self Advocacy and Self Determination, Community Involvement, College and Post-Secondary Education, Employment and Job Skills.

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FND’s Guidebook to Transition! 


Transition Starters

Jumping point into transition services and information. 

Here you will find information in transition resources and information. This section is general transition resources around building your transition starter kit of your own. 


Independent Living

Independent Living information and resources 

In this section you will find information on independent living skills, resources here in Florida, and tools to achieve this goal. 


Self Determination

What dose it take to achieve self determination? 

Self determination is the heart of success for yourself, your child, or youth. Here in this section you will find out what self determination is and how to get there for yourself. 


Community Involvement

Getting Involved!

There are many ways to get involved in your community, volunteering, working, community sports, and the arts. Take a look at how you might make the leap and get involved. 


Post Secondary

You made it to the big leagues #collegebound

You made it to college, learn the new rules and how to succeed . Here you can find information on how to gain accommodations in college, what you might receive, tips for succeed in the big leagues. 


Job Skills

Time to WORK. 

We are all working towards employment, as we go trough school we learn to better our self for employment later in life. Here are some tips, and resources for gaining and keeping employment.