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At Family Network on Disabilities (FND), our unique parent-to-parent support program is tailored specifically to meet the diverse needs of Florida’s families. Our dedicated team of trained parent volunteers, all of whom are fellow Floridians, bring a wealth of personal experience and understanding to the table, having navigated the complexities of raising a child with a disability or special healthcare concern within the context of our state’s specific resources and challenges.

Each volunteer is carefully matched with parents seeking support, ensuring a deep connection based on shared experiences and diagnoses. This Florida-focused approach not only fosters a strong, empathetic bond but also allows for the sharing of invaluable, state-specific information, from navigating Florida’s healthcare system to accessing local educational and recreational opportunities tailored for children with disabilities.

Our mission at FND is to empower Florida’s families through this supportive network, ensuring that no parent feels isolated in their journey. Together, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and communities that make up our vibrant state, united in our commitment to uplifting every family touched by disability.

Families Make a Big Difference

What do Parent Support Volunteers within the Family Network on Disabilities (FND) do? They play a pivotal role in providing personalized, empathetic support to families across Florida.

Here’s how they make a difference:


Personalized Matches

Volunteers are matched with families based on shared experiences and diagnoses. This tailored approach ensures that the advice and support provided are relevant and deeply resonant, fostering a strong, empathetic connection between the volunteer and the family they’re assisting.


Sharing State-Specific Knowledge

Given their first-hand experience navigating Florida’s unique landscape of resources, these volunteers are well-equipped to guide families through the state’s healthcare system, special education framework, and available community resources. They can offer practical advice on accessing specialized services, therapeutic interventions, and inclusive recreational opportunities that are specific to Florida.


Emotional Support

Raising a child with a disability or special healthcare concern can be isolating. Parent Support Volunteers offer a listening ear, understanding, and emotional support, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation. Their shared experiences allow them to provide genuine empathy and encouragement, reminding parents that they are not alone on this journey.


Shared Wisdom from One Parent to Another

Our Parent Support Volunteers offer a unique blend of personal insight and lived experience, sharing advice and strategies honed from their own journeys as parents of children with disabilities. This parent-to-parent wisdom, deeply rooted in real-life challenges and triumphs, provides families with relatable, practical guidance for navigating the complexities of advocacy, healthcare, and daily life with a child with special needs. More than just advisors, our volunteers serve as beacons of hope and solidarity, reinforcing the powerful message that no parent is alone on this journey, illuminating the path forward with the shared light of experience.


Community Building

By connecting families with similar experiences, volunteers help build a supportive community that extends beyond individual interactions. This network fosters a sense of belonging and collective strength, offering families opportunities to share their stories, challenges, and successes, further enriching Florida’s diverse tapestry of cultures and communities.

Information By Phone

We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the information necessary to help you advocate for your child. Call us at (727) 523-1130/Toll Free (800) 825-5736.

Introducing the FND Bootcamp:
Empowering Parent Support Coordinators

The Family Network on Disabilities is thrilled to announce our upcoming FND Bootcamp, an immersive three-day training event designed to empower new cohorts of Parent-to-Parent (P2P) Parent Support Coordinators. Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Tampa Bay area, this intensive bootcamp is an essential cornerstone of our commitment to strengthening the support network for families with children with disabilities across Florida.

Over the course of three dynamic days, participants will dive deep into a comprehensive curriculum tailored to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effectively support and guide parents navigating the complexities of raising a child with a disability. From understanding the nuances of various disabilities to mastering the art of empathetic communication and resource navigation, our bootcamp covers all facets of parent support.

The FND Bootcamp is not just a training program; it’s an opportunity to join a community of dedicated individuals who share a common purpose. Participants will have the chance to connect with seasoned professionals, share experiences, and build lasting relationships that will enrich their roles as Parent Support Coordinators.

Hosted in the scenic and accessible Tampa Bay area, this event promises not only an enriching learning experience but also an opportunity to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of one of Florida’s most welcoming communities. All costs associated with participation in the FND Bootcamp will be covered by FND, underscoring our commitment to removing barriers to participation and ensuring that our network continues to grow and thrive.

Mark your calendars and prepare to be part of an inspiring journey of growth, learning, and community-building at the FND Bootcamp. Together, we’re strengthening the foundation of support for families across Florida, one coordinator at a time.

 For more information about joining P2P as a Parent Support Coordinator Volunteer at our Bootcamp please reach our to Sara@FNDFL.ORG
PArent to Parent of Florida

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