Sound Bank

FND Sound Bank

Here is a sound bank for parents to use to help their child or youth and get used to a sound, situation, or unfamiliar or upsetting environment before entering into this environment or situation.

Please use these sounds on the go via your mobile phone or device. Use them for whatever situation your child or youth needs help with.

Don’t see a sound on here you need or would like?

Email us at and we will get that sound and upload it to our site.

Animal Sounds

Angry Cat

Dog Barking 3 Times

Dog Barking 4 Times

Seagull Sounds

Household Sounds

Bacon Frying

Creaking Wood Floors

Vacuum Cleaner

Pouring Water

Taking a Shower

Squeakie Toy

Fire Alarm in the Home

Ceiling Fan

Poping Popcorn

Tea Kettle Whistling

Rain From Inside

Garbage Disposal

Buzzer for Hair and Mans Beard  Buzzer

Door Bell

Door Bell 2

Door Slamming

Musical Instruments







Outside Noises

Low Flying Airplane

Thunder Storm


Subway Tracks

Boat on the Water-Engine Then Water Waves

Crowded Mall/Store -Crowded Restaurant

Rain Storm- Light Thunder

Ambulance Syrian

Ocean Waves Washing on Shore

Motor Cycle Engine

High Winds

Glass Breaking

Construction Sounds

Fire Works/Fire Crackers

Police Syrians

Open Fire/Outside Bon-Fire

Sounds you Hear Walking in the City

Car Starting

Traffic Cars Honking

People Sounds

Crown/Audience Cheering

Eating Loudly/Chewing Gun

Baby Crying

Crowded Restaurant

Person Coughing

Busy Office

Woman Crying

Man Breathing Heavily

Woman Breathing Heavily

People Laughing

Man Yelling

People Clapping

Background Noises

School Sounds

Buzzing of Fluorescent Lights in the Classroom

Fire-drill with classroom noises

Shuffling Papers

Writing on the Chalk Board