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What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Available in English and Spanish | Useful to Parent Centers and the families and professionals with whom they work to address behavior concerns, especially for those with autism.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the most common therapy for children on the autism spectrum. ABA has been shown to help children on the spectrum (from mild to severe) develop needed skills and minimize undesired behaviors such as self-injury. Its effectiveness is backed up by hundreds of studies.

ABA now includes a range of different approaches. This article from the Child Mind Institute describes how they work and how they’re different.

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More about the Article

Sections of the article include:

  • the evolution of ABA as a therapy;
  • newer approaches to ABA;
  • discrete trial training (DTT);
  • pivotal response treatment; and
  • the Early Start Denver Model.

At the bottom of the article, you’ll find links to related discussions such as:

SOURCE ARTICLE:  Center for Parent Information and Resources