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What Every Teacher Should Know about Phonological Awareness

What Every Teacher Should Know about Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is one of the most important education concepts of this decade. Teachers are talking about it, parents are trying to understand it, and publishers of early reading materials are trying to include it. Yet, it is a concept that is easily misunderstood. Some confuse it with phonics; others consider it a part of general print awareness. It is neither of these things.

Likewise, there are questions about how to teach phonological awareness to children. Unless we thoroughly understand the concept and its role in reading development, we may easily teach it in ways that produce no real benefit. This paper summarizes in question and answer form what is known about the nature of phonological awareness, why it is important in reading growth, why children differ from one another in their ability to acquire it, and how we may most effectively incorporate it into reading instruction.

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SOURCE ARTICLE:  Florida Department of Education