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Video | A Tale of Two Conversations

Video | A Tale of Two Conversations

Useful to: Parent Centers working with families, parents of children with disabilities, and school personnel.

A Tale of Two Conversations is a two-part video showing actors playing a parent of a child with a disability and a school administrator. The meeting was requested by the parent and takes place in the administrator’s office. Take One shows the parent and administrator talking about the child’s special education program. They are talking, but not listening. Their communication is unproductive. Take Two shows each person using more effective communication skills. The video was originally developed by the Office for Dispute Resolution in Pennsylvania.

Both video conversations are available for viewing online at CADRE, as is a companion Study Guide that looks more deeply into the effective communication skills shown in the second video.

Before Viewing | CADRE recommends that, before viewing A Tale of Two Conversations,  users watch two other videos in CADRE’s Working Together suite. Those videos are: Listening and Understanding Positions & Interests.

SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information and Resources