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Secondary Transition: Interagency Collaboration

Secondary Transition: Interagency Collaboration

This IRIS Center’s module defines and discusses the purpose of interagency collaboration and addresses the importance of partnering with agencies to improve outcomes for students with disabilities who are transitioning from high school. In the module users will find information on the role of transition coordinators, activities to allow users to practice the various stages of transition, and interviews with experts in the field. Estimated completion time for the module is: 2 hours.

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Related Module
IRIS Center also offers a related module called Secondary Transition: Helping Students with Disabilities Plan for Post-High School Settings. This related module focuses on the transition process from high school to post-secondary settings. Among other topics, it discusses IEP planning, engaging students in the process so as to become better advocates for their own needs, and the importance of outside agencies such as vocational rehabilitation.