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Problem Behavior in Preschoolers

Problem Behavior in Preschoolers

(Available in English and Spanish) 

This article from the Child Mind Institute provides guidance on how to know when 3- to 5-year-olds need help with behavior. While most children who are treated for disruptive behavior problems are school-age, there are signs that preschool kids might need help learning to manage their impulses and regulate their behavior. The article summarizes what many of those signs are, including:

  • having more—and more serious—tantrums than typical kids their age;
  • neing kicked out of preschool or excluded from play dates; or
  • Behavior that is disrupting family life and and putting serious strain on other family members.

Sections of the article include:

  • What kinds of therapy are effective for preschool children?
  • When should you start therapy?
  • How can a parent know when a child might benefit from parent therapy?
  • What about kids who don’t act up, but just don’t obey orders?
  • What happens in parent training?

In each section, additional reading materials are suggested.

Access the English version of  Problem Behavior in Preschoolers at:

Access the Spanish version, Problemas de Comportamiento en Niños en Edad Preescolar, at:


SOURCE ARTICLE: Child Mind Institute