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Parent as Master Planner

Parent as Master Planner

(2020) | Useful for sharing with parents teaching their children at home during COVID-19 closures.

Parents or adult family members play an essential role as learning coaches, ensuring their children have the structure and support to succeed in online and distance learning environments. This learning coach/master planner role is particularly important for children with disabilities, learning and attention issues, and those who struggle with executive function skills, including organization and prioritizing.

As a learning coach, you can assist at home by supporting and guiding your child to navigate various aspects of virtual learning. Parents can play the role of the master planner as the expert who knows your child best. Taking what the teacher and school provides, create the most supportive learning environment at home for your child. This article from offers several ways to get started in your role as learning coach, including:

  • creating a Personal Learning space
  • supporting self-reflection
  • customizing your child’s schedule
  • using graphic organizers

The article ends with a list of Visual Schedule apps you can download.

Access the article and the list of Visual Schedule apps at:

SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information and Resources