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Parent and Educator Guide to School Climate Resources

Parent and Educator Guide to School Climate Resources

(2019, April) | Useful to Parent Centers, educators, families, and school systems interested in how to initiate or expand school climate improvement activities. 

The Parent and Educator Guide to School Climate Resources, from the U.S. Department of Education, is intended to provide parents, teachers, administrators, and other interested parties with:

  • a general understanding of school climate,
  • suggestions for leading an effective school climate improvement effort, and
  • the availability of additional resources.

The 31-page guide can serve as a starting point from which the reader may choose to do further research; ultimately, it may result in the identification of practices or strategies a school, district or state may wish to implement. It is organized primarily as an FAQ, with 18 specific questions and answers, such as:

  • What is a “positive school climate”? What is “school-climate improvement”?
  • How is a school’s student discipline policy related to school climate and school climate improvement?
  • What is the Department’s role regarding school climate?
  • What does the research show regarding positive school climate improvement efforts?
  • Where can I find additional resources?

Access the guide at:


SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information & Resources