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Nine Competencies Today’s Nonprofit Leaders Need for Success

Nine Competencies Today’s Nonprofit Leaders Need for Success

(2019, November) | Useful to Parent Center directors and management staff, as well as the leadership of parent organizations or other nonprofit

This training video is available, courtesy of, which offers a wide range of videos and other training materials for nonprofits. This video provides an extensive overview of the 9 competencies that today’s nonprofit leaders need to have to be successful. The presenter, Dennis Miller, shares a new perspective on the role individual leaders play within their organizations. Viewers can do a self-assessment for both themselves and their colleagues. They will also be able to create an improvement plan to focus their own growth and successfully mentor emerging leaders.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this video, you should be able to:

  • Identify the specific transformational leadership competencies required for today’s nonprofit CEOs
  • Create a personal/professional development plan to enhance your current leadership performance and be a more effective mentor
  • Assess your current leadership skills and competencies against current best practices
  • Evaluate your team’s skills and competencies and develop a comprehensive leadership development and succession plan.

Access the training at:

Download a PDF of the training and its handouts/self-assessment tools, at:

SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information and Resources