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Module 9: Development of the Transition Plan in Part C

Module 9: Development of the Transition Plan in Part C

As toddlers receiving early intervention services approach their third birthday, it’s time to start planning ahead for when they (and their families) leave the Part C system and move on to either Part B services or other appropriate programs or services.

Module 9 focuses on the development of a transition plan for the exiting toddler with disabilities. Its companion, Module 8, provides an overview to the transition process. You can use either module to provide training to others on Part C’s transition requirements. 

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Files You’ll Need to Download

Module 9 includes:

  • 1 slideshow presentation;
  • a trainer’s guide explaining all the content;
  • a Speaker’s Notes version of the slideshow; and
  • handouts and activity sheets for participants.

Please help yourself! Download the components you need to learn on your own and/or to train others on the transition process from early intervention into other programs or services.

Slideshow | The slideshow for Module 9 has 13 slides in total. The file is provided as a PowerPoint Show. Download the file to your computer. As a SHOW, the slide presentation will automatically launch when you open the file. It will then operate as described in the Trainer’s Guide.

Slideshow for Module 9

Trainer’s Guide | The trainer’s guide to Module 9 focuses on the content emphasized in the module—namely, the development of a transition plan for the exiting toddler with disabilities. Moving slide by slide, the trainer’s guide provides images of each slide, instructions for how to operate the slide (e.g., when to click to reveal more of the slide or to advance to the next slide), and an explanation of the content on the slide. The trainer’s guide is available in two formats, for your convenience:

PDF | Trainer’s Guide for Module 9 (46 pages)

Word | Trainer’s Guide for Module 9 (for accessibility)

Speaker’s Notes | We know from experience that many trainers find it helpful to have a Speaker’s Notes version of the slideshow. The Speaker’s Notes version shows each slide picture on the left and provides blank lines on the right (for taking notes). Use the Speaker’s Notes version for your own planning (it’s in Word, so you can add your own notes where the blank lines are) or share it with participants for their own taking of notes.

Speaker’s Notes version of the slides in Module 9 | in Word

Pictures of individual slides in Module 9 | in PDF (7 pages)

Handouts and Activity Sheets for Participants | Module 9 includes several handouts and optional activity sheets for participants. You select which fit your training session, attendees, and purposes. Each is available in PDF and Word. The PDFs are designed to share with participants. The Word versions are made available for those participants who need or request accessible materials.

Handout  9 | Transition to Preschool and Other Programs  (IDEA’s verbatim regulations)

~~ Handout 9 in PDF
~~ Handout 9 in Word (for accessibility)

Handout 11 | OSEP’s Model IFSP Form

~~ Handout 11 in PDF
~~ Handout 11 in Word (for accessibility)

Handout 12 | Transition Planning and Conference: A Child and Family Study

~~ Handout 12 in PDF
~~ Handout 12 in Word (for accessibility)

Activity Sheet 5 | Parents and Service Providers Speak

~~ Activity Sheet 5 in PDF
~~ Activity Sheet 5 in Word (for accessibility)

Activity Sheet 6 | Effective Transition Practices and Strategies

~~ Activity Sheet 6 in PDF
~~ Activity Sheet 6 in Word (for accessibility)

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And there you have it, Module 9 on the Development of the Transition Plan! We wish you good luck with all your trainings!

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