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Lessons From Raising a Child with Disability

Lessons From Raising a Child with Disability

These are 6 Parenting lessons we learn while raising children with a disability.

6 Parenting Lessons From Raising a Child with Disability


Living with a disability is most of the time an unexpected and unwanted situation, which as any other, is driven by our personal attitude in response to challenge.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to empower our children to believe in themselves, to feel fully accepted, loved and celebrated. Our love is the key for them to believe in themselves and become the self-advocates that know that:

Life is all about..

  • Learning how to do your best
  • Enjoying life with no limits and no shame
  • Not giving up, no matter how many times you have to try again
  • Discovering the magic of the small things, and celebrating the ability to slow down to admire the things that really matter.
  • Sharing with others our personal pride and excitement at every small achievement, focused on our unique abilities.
  • Celebrating life without prejudices.

As a parent of two children with Down syndrome, this is my most valuable advice to any parent who’s just starting this path.

I have the perfect team at home. Two extra chromosomes don’t alter the outcome, everything is good in this small world, despite our challenges and thanks to our unexpected prizes. We´re growing, we are enjoying and yes, we are celebrating.

And let me tell you, “After being touched by this experience, you’ll surely be a better human being, because you’ll learn to believe and be surprised by the miracle of love.”