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Key Definitions in Part of IDEA | IEP as Acronym

Key Definitions in Part of IDEA | IEP as Acronym




Acronym stands for… | Individualized Education Program

Importance of IEP to FAPE | As OSEP’s Dear Colleague Letter on FAPE states, “Under the IDEA, the primary vehicle for providing FAPE is through an appropriately developed IEP that is based on the individual needs of the child.”

Defined in IDEA at | 34 CFR §300.22, as follows:

Individualized education program or IEP means a written statement for a child with a disability that is developed, reviewed, and revised in accordance with §§300.320 through 300.324.

Unofficial Definition of IEP in Spanish

For IDEA’s full description of IEP | See our separate page in this reference list, Defining and Understanding the Individualized Education Program, for how IDEA describes what an “Individualized Education Program” must contain and how it’s developed, reviewed, and revised.

For more information about the IEP | CPIR offers a suite of information about the IEP, including a short overview and much more detailed summaries of what the IEP must contain, who develops it, and what happens at typical IEP meetings. The IEP suite begins at:

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