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Key Definitions in Part B of IDEA | Defining and Understanding FAPE

Key Definitions in Part B of IDEA | Defining and Understanding FAPE

FAPE | Free Appropriate Public Education

Mom and daughter waiting for the school bus to arriveAcronym stands for… | Free appropriate public education

FAPE as cornerstone | A cornerstone of IDEA, our nation’s special education law, is that each eligible child with a disability is entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE) that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet the child’s unique needs and that prepares the child for further education, employment, and independent living.

Defined in IDEA at | 34 CFR §300.17, as follows:

§300.17 Free appropriate public education

Free appropriate public education or FAPE means special education and related services that—

(a) Are provided at public expense, under public supervision and direction, and without charge;

(b) Meet the standards of the SEA, including the requirements of this part;

(c) Include an appropriate preschool, elementary school, or secondary school education in the State involved; and

(d) Are provided in conformity with an individualized education program (IEP) that meets the requirements of §§300.320 through 300.324.

Unofficial Definition of FAPE in Spanish

For more information about FAPE | See Wrightslaw’s FAPE: What Does It Mean?

SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information and Resources & Wright’s Law