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Individual Health Care Plans and Section 504 White Paper

Individual Health Care Plans and Section 504 White Paper

School districts and Section 504 teams continue to raise concerns related to the initiation of Individual Health Care Plans and their relevance to Section 504 Accommodation Plans. As a result of the need for technical assistance, we are pleased to provide the attached “White Paper” to guide your 504 school teams in problem solving to determine what is required for students with disabilities.

These guidelines, Guiding Principles/or Section 504 Committees/or Students with Individual Health Care Plans (IHCPs), should assist Section 504 Committees in making decisions with respect to referral, disability determination/eligibility, and Section 504 Plans for students on IHCPs, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

During our “White Paper” discussions with Office of Civil Rights (OCR) staff, they suggested we emphasize that students with a disability substantially limiting a life activity, but not requiring an accommodation plan, must remain protected from discrimination.

The General Counsel’s office, Julie Weatherly, attorney with Resolutions in Special Education, Inc., and David Richards, attorney with Richards, Lindsay & Martin, provided input for these guidelines. We offer our sincere gratitude to all of the contributors for their expertise and advice.

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SOURCE ARTICLE:  Florida Department of Education