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FND & ASAN – Post Secondary Options

FND & ASAN – Post Secondary Options

Post-Secondary Options

Finishing high school and moving into adulthood is complicated. It involves making many choices, often deciding between many options. This tipsheet has information to help you make these choices

Would you like to go to college? If so, what would you like to learn there? There are good and bad things about community college, and about fouryear colleges and universities. Whatever you decide to do, you may need accommodations. This tipsheet will offer advice on how to have your needs met in college.

Not everyone goes to school after finishing high school. Going directly into an internship or job is another option for gaining education and skills. This tipsheet will explain the good and bad things about this, as well as how you can get accommodations at your job.

Many people pursue a mix of all these postsecondary options. Whatever your goals, we hope this tipsheet will help you find a path that works for you.

Tipsheet, in English –

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