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College & Career Development Organizer

College & Career Development Organizer

The College and Career Development Organizer can be used to map the efforts of SEAs and LEAs as well as the many organizations devoted to researching and providing support for college and career readiness. The Organizer can also be used as a set of building blocks to help SEA, LEAs, schools, and other organizations develop college and career readiness strategies and initiatives to address student needs. Stakeholders can use the components of the Organizer to ensure that they are designing comprehensive college and career readiness definitions and strategies that address all aspects of the field that are essential to their context.

Though the Organizer was initially developed under the auspices of the National High School Center and is primarily designed to map high school initiatives, many of the building blocks that it includes can be applied to college and career readiness and success strategies and initiatives across the PK-20 spectrum. The Organizer may be accessed through an interactive tool or by downloading a PDF version.