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Assessment and Instruction in Phonological Awareness

Assessment and Instruction in Phonological Awareness

This manual is divided into four main sections. The first section describes what phonological awareness is and how it is related to reading instruction.

The second section presents information about the assessment of phonological awareness, and the third section describes how instruction in phonological awareness can be integrated into reading instruction. These sections present detailed informa­tion on and evaluations of presently avail­able tests and curriculum materials in this area.

The fourth section presents descriptive information about a range of computer software marketed for home and school use in building pre-reading skills in young children.

We hope teachers will find this manual useful in their efforts to help all children acquire effective literacy skills. We are convinced that information about phono­logical awareness can make a difference if it is understood and applied properly. Best wishes in your work with Florida’s chil­dren.

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SOURCE ARTICLE:  Florida Department of Education