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AMP’s Top 10 Tips for Engaging with Young People

AMP’s Top 10 Tips for Engaging with Young People

(2016) | Useful to: Parent Centers and other service organizations who wish to include youth and young adults in their programs and services.

The best way to know what young people want is to ask them! Young people want to—and should—be partners in the design and implementation of research and in their treatment planning and delivery. Young people won’t participate in programs or services that they find disempowering and stigmatizing, so treat them with respect, with dignity, and as partners rather than patients.

AMP’s Top 10 Tips for Engaging with Youth People is presented in infographic form, where each tip includes examples of what to stay, what NOT to say, and why. It’s 4 pages long and very easy to read. Access the publication at:

Note: AMP stands for Achieve My Plan and is a  project at the Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children’s Mental Health, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.

SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information & Resources