The National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) is developing a multi‐state comprehensive assessment system for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The project draws on research to develop an alternate assessment system that is linked to clear learning outcomes and defensible assessment results, to complement the work of the Race to the Top Common State Assessment Program (RTTA) consortia.

NCSC’s Resources for Parents (and others) include:

  • Introduction to the NCSC Project
  • NCSC’s Curriculum/Instructional Resources and their relationship to the Alternate Assessment
  • NCSC Alternate Assessment Information and IEP Team Guidance
  • College and Career Readiness: What it means for students who take the Alternate Assessment
  • NCSC Policy Guidelines
  • Recent NCSC Presentations
  • NCSC Papers

Two resources that may be especially useful to families are the Frequently Asked Questions on the NCSC Alternate Assessment on Alternate Academic Achievement Standards (AA-AAS) and Answers to Common Parent Questions Regarding the NCSC Alternate Assessments.