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5 Steps to Working with Your School Board

5 Steps to Working with Your School Board

(2019, April) | Useful to Parent Centers and others for sharing with families with school-aged children, with or without disabilities.

According to this article from Great Schools, it may be time to go to a school board meeting. The article discusses how to work with your local school board — the people who can make or break your child’s education.

This is the secret place where parents can make the biggest difference in their child’s education. It’s far beyond the principal’s office and the school cafeteria where the monthly PTA meeting is held. It’s where the real decisions about your child’s education take place: The school board.

The article gives 5 reasons parents should work with their school board, and divides the discussion into 5 sections:

  • Understand why school boards matter
  • Get educated about your school board
  • Go to a school board meeting
  • Take your issue to the school board
  • Vote in local school board elections

SOURCE ARTICLE:  Center for Parent Information & Resouces