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2015 State Determination Letters

2015 State Determination Letters

OSEP has created State Profile pages that include the state’s most recent SPP/APR and OSEP’s response, including:

  • any required actions;
  • a State data profile;
  • a link to the current determination letter;
  • the State’s Results Driven Accountability determination matrix; and
  • other related documents.

Find your state’s Profile Pages for Part C:

Find your state’s Profile Pages for Part B:

Refresher: What’s SPP/APR? |  Each state is required to have in place a performance plan evaluating the state’s implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and describing how the state will improve such implementation. This plan is called the State Performance Plan (SPP) and is required to be posted on the state’s website.

Each state must also report its performance in meeting its SPP targets annually to the public and to the Secretary of Education. This report is called the Annual Performance Report (APR) and must be posted on the state’s website.

The Office of Special Education Programs’ (OSEP) responds to the states’ SPP and APRs and posts its responses (called determination letters) online.


SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information & Resources