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FND University

Family Network on Disabilities is proud to launch our very own

E-learning system FND-University

FND-University is not an accredited university but it is a place for families to come, gather information, and take courses by our staff and evaluate their information gained in our quiz after the course. We will be updating our course selection in a monthly basis all with trainings given by our FND staff across the state of Florida.

*If you don’t see a course you would like to take on an ESE topic please email us at and we will work to create it for you.


Our current courses are:

Evaluation Process

Your Guide to an IEP

Effective Parent Teacher Conferences

Effective Communication

Social Networking 101


Individualized Emergency Healthcare Plan

Planning is Crucial

Making Your Case

As well as several courses in Spanish:

Los Padres Como Lideres

la ley IDEA para ayudar a los niños con discapacidad en la escuelala

Comunicación Efectiva

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