Coping with Disability Related Stress

Coping with Disability Related Stress

Stress is a state of bodily and mental tension that affects performance. Stress has become part of our hectic everyday lives and is, indeed, a fact of life. It can be an obstacle that makes quality of life difficult to achieve for families affected by disability. However, there is some good news about stress:

  • Mild to moderate stress helps motivate people to achieve.
  • Each person and family can choose their attitude about stress: to be a survivor or a victim.
  • Each person and family can also choose to cope by understanding themselves and by using a variety of ways to cope.

This pamphlet educational pamphlet has been written for parents of persons with disabilities, individuals with disabilities, friends and professionals by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. The three goals of the pamphlet are to:

  • Increase understanding of signs and sources of stress
  • Provide tips for preventing and coping with stress
  • Suggest support resources to help people cope with stress

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