Youth Advocacy

Youth Advocacy is a statewide project that targets youth and young adults with disabilities, ages 14 to 22, receiving special education and related services.

Youth Advocacy assists individuals with disabilities and their parents, family members, guardians, advocates, and/or authorized representatives:

  • to better understand vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs and services;
  • to provide follow-up support for transition and employment programs;
  • to communicate more effectively with transition and rehabilitation personnel and other relevant professionals;
  • to provide support in the development of the individualized plan for employment;
  • to provide support and expertise in obtaining information about rehabilitation and independent living programs, services and resources that are appropriate; to understand the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act, particularly provisions relating to employment, supported employment, and independent living.

Youth Advocacy Activities

Youth Advocacy activities are designed to enable individuals with disabilities and their families to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the vocational, independent living, and rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities.

Youth Advocacy strives to help to improve the quality of lives for individuals with disabilities by building capacity at the local and state level, by developing replicable materials in multiple languages and formats, and by cooperating and collaborating with many other agencies and organizations who serve persons with disabilities.

Activities include:

  • Direct one on one assistance
  • Workshops via: face to face, online tutorials, web casting
  • Information and Resource CDs
  • Informational Tip Sheets
  • Information on Facebook and Youtube, Instagram, App
  • Informational Listserv

For a complete listing and descriptions of all Youth Advocacy & Action Project has to offer, please visit our workshops page here

Youth Advocacy Philosophy

The philosophy of self-determination, developing and maintaining high expectations of students with disabilities based upon their unique skills and abilities, and the value of student/family/professional partnerships are the guiding principles in all that TILES sets forth to accomplish.

Youth Advocacy: Invaluable Link

The Youth Advocacy Program provides an invaluable and unique link with Parent Training & Information Center (PTI) services through FND (POPIN) Parent of the Panhandle Information Network, (PSN) Parent Support Network, and (PEN) Parent Education Network.

Project 10

Be sure to check out all of the new resources listed on the website of Project 10:
Transition Education Network,

Resources related to the transition of students with disabilities to postsecondary education and employment are now available for all 67 Florida counties in the District Resources section of Project 10’s website ( The website also has a new search engine that will make finding information easier, as well as updated information on Promising Practices Transition Sites, a new page for Project 10 STING RAY, new items in the A-Z Library of Terms and Resources (Accreditation, Financial Aid Pop Quiz), and a reorganized Postsecondary Education section.