Special Needs Trusts

 Special Needs Trust Administration


Family Network on Disabilities provides comprehensive special needs trust services, including service as a trustee, co-trustee, or trust administrator. We handle all types of special needs trusts, including pooled trusts. Family Network serves as trustee for the Family Network on Disabilities National Pooled Trust, proudly serving persons with disabilities since 1999. We also serve as administrators for several other pooled trusts, including FND’s Family Pooled Fund of third party trusts, as well as many individual special needs trusts.

What we provide:

Comprehensive trustee services – our goal is to make sure that our beneficiaries have access to funds that they need, when they need them, with as little difficulty as possible. We place a premium on making sure that our beneficiaries have the highest quality of life possible. We have designed our entire system to be as easy to use as possible for persons with disabilities, their families, and those who work with them. Our fees are reasonable and highly competitive.

Coordination of money management and custodial functions – We can provide a single point of contact for beneficiaries and their representatives so that they aren’t left running in a number of directions when attempting to get information.

Service – Our goal is to provide a “no mess, no fuss” solution to special needs trust administration to our beneficiaries and the professionals who serve them. We have designed our systems to provide the quickest service possible. Our staff is only a phone call away for personal service by real persons.

Transparency – Especially during these times, transparency is vital and is our watchword. We structure all of our services to provide as much transparency as possible. We offer beneficiaries and their representatives 24 hour a day, seven days a week, online view-only access to information concerning their trusts. We also provide monthly statements and detailed accounting as frequently as desired.

Added Value:

Stability – Family Network has been in existence for 25 years. Our Special Needs Trust Administration program is just one of our many programs, including Federal and state grants, for persons with disabilities, their families, and those who serve them. After the planning or litigation is done, we stay involved with families in many different ways, helping them understand their rights and giving them information, training, and support to navigate the system.

Accountability – Since we are fortunate to receive a number of Federal and state grants, we are required to have annual independent audits of all of our programs and operations, including the trust administration services. Beneficiaries and those who work with them benefit from this added level of accountability.


Pre-settlement Consultation and Planning – We are available to consult with attorneys and professionals prior to the settlement of litigation. Coming from our perspective as members of the disability community, we know that persons with disabilities and their families often face many hurdles that last for a life time. It is important to start meeting and planning for these challenges as early as possible. We focus on the preparation of a comprehensive plan for life, not just a package of investments.

Independent Financial Management – We retain independent financial advisors, money managers, and custodians, who all serve at the discretion of the trustee in an arm’s length relationship, thus ensuring a separation of trust administration and finance management and reducing conflicts of interest.

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National Pooled Trust

National Pooled Trust