A Primer on Special Education Acronyms & Abbreviations

A Primer on Special Education Acronyms & Abbreviations

Greetings, and welcome to the world of Exceptional Student Education (ESE). As you participate in the ESE process, you will encounter unfamiliar languages and acronyms. The language is often referred to as Alphabet Soup. It may seem like a foreign language, but it

is really just a language of initials. Their initials and acronyms are used in meetings, and it is assumed that everyone is familiar with the meaning. As a parent or self-advocate, if you are in a meeting and this occurs feel free to ask,

What does that term mean?

This brochure was designed to assist you in understanding the most common language used inside the alphabet soup. It might be helpful for you to read and study the contents of this brochure and the resources on our website before you attend a meeting for your child or yourself.

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