Steps To Healthcare Plan

7 Steps to Creating a Personal Healthcare Plan

A personal health plan is a summary of an individual’s health status.  

It includes:

  • a physical exam,
  • medical history and list of previous surgeries,
  • patient-specific recommendations for preventive care and emergency care, and,
  • contact information for the individual’s health care providers.

A personal health plan can help transfer information to a new doctor and avoid allergic reactions to medicines.

There are many other advantages to keeping a personal health summary. It is an excellent way for a young adult to better understand his/her own health and to become more actively involved in his or her own health care. When there is a communication barrier (linguistic, cultural, or disability-related), the personal health summary can be used to convey information that might not otherwise be relayed during a doctor visit.

There are seven steps to creating a personal health care plan:

  1. Contact past doctors and ask what health information you need for your personal health plan.
  2. Ask for an authorization form for release of medical records.
  3. Organize the papers chronologically
  4. Transfer electronic information to a stored device
  5. Bring the PHR to all health care visits
  6. Create and carry a card or medical alert bracelet or necklace
  7. The PHR is private information so remember to keep it confidential

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