Celebrate the National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Celebrate the National Disability Employment Awareness Month with these graphic materials available for download or to share online as needed.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: 10 Ways to Celebrate

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an initiative from the Department of Labor in order to promote disability inclusion in the workplace. Awareness months like this one bring the perfect opportunity to start conversations about important topics for our communities. Employment is crucial. We know that inclusion in the workplace doesn’t start when the person with a disability becomes an adult, instead, it starts from the very beginning with the right services and supports.

Among the Year-Round Employer Strategies for Advancing Disability Inclusion the Department of Labor presents, “Ten Ways to Foster the NDEAM Spirit Year Round.” We have created graphic materials with these tips to help families and professionals create awareness in an engaging and interactive way. Our graphic materials are free and are available for download with a simple click. They can be printed or shared online as needed. Feel free to share with others.

This short video is the collection of these graphic materials. You can access the album with a click, here, 

For more information or to request these graphics in high resolution, please feel free to contact:

Eliana Tardio, Director of Digital Communications, eliana@fndfl.org 

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