Love Comes in Different Envelopes

Celebrating Valentine's Day. Love Comes in Different Envelopes

Love Comes in Different Envelopes

Love is perfect. No matter what kind of envelope it comes in.

Sometimes it is born with almond shaped eyes

It may have chubby hands and short fingers

It may have a rounded tummy and a funny smile.

It may be lighter or darker, bigger or smaller

It may even have funny toes.

But it is still love.

Love may go slower at times, and it may take longer to talk or learn different ways to say “I love you,” even we knew all along. 

Sometimes love is too sweet, too simple and too cute.

Sometimes love is challenging and even complicated. 

But it is still love. 

Sometimes love is the only real tool we have for facing great challenges. And at the end of the day, love reminds us that nothing would possible without it.

Love is real but at the same time, it is magic.

Love smiles through our hearts and the hearts of the ones we love.

And as parents, learning to love those differences is what teaches us about real love, the one doesn’t need to live up to the world’s expectations for being perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day celebrating our eternal love: Our love for our children.

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