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Sexual Health Education for Young People with Disabilities

Sexual Health Education for Young People with Disabilities

(2018, November) | Useful to Parent Centers, families, and youth with disabilities

In recent years, changes in public policies and attitudes have resulted in improved opportunities for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately, societal attitudes have changed less in regard to sexuality and disability. Even today, many people do not acknowledge that most people experience sexual feelings, needs, and desires, regardless of their abilities. As a result, many young people with disabilities receive little or no formal sexual health education, either in school or at home. Yet all young people need access to and can benefit from sexual health information. Young people with disabilities have the same right to this education as their peers. However, considerations must be made in order to modify the program to allow for information to be understood and learned in a way that is meaningful to them.

This article from e-Parent is divided into several sections, as follows:

  • What is Disability?
  • Are Disabilities Common among Young People?
  • Sexuality and Disability
  • Parent/Guardian Concern for Sexual Health Education and their Young Person with a Disability
  • General Guidelines for Parents/Guardians: Talking to Your Young Person about their Sexuality and Sexual Health

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SOURCE ARTICLE: Center for Parent Information and Resources