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School Discipline Data Indicators: A Guide for Districts and Schools

School Discipline Data Indicators: A Guide for Districts and Schools

This guide from the Institute of Education Sciences is designed to supply educators with a means to identify whether racial/ethnic disproportionality in discipline practice exists in their schools or districts. It also aims to help educators use data to reduce racial/ethnic disproportionality in suspensions and expulsions.

More About the Guide

The guide is divided into two sections. The first describes how to use multiple data to analyze if a group is being disproportionately suspended or expelled, and how to determine the effectiveness of any interventions that might be in place. It also describes the data that can be used to analyze factors that may be contributing to any disproportion.

In cases where a school or district determines there are inequalities that may be unjust, the second section outlines a process that helps promote equitable discipline, called Plan-Do-Study-Act. One district’s successful experience using the Plan-Do-Study-Act process is described in detail. The back of the guide contains websites and resources related to equity in school discipline and quality improvement processes.

This guide may be useful for local and state education agency administrators, principals, teachers, coaches, behavior specialists, and educators involved in school discipline policies or practices. Parent Centers will also find the guide useful in informing their advocacy and engagement efforts in how their state develops its ESSA plan for identifying and addressing disproportionality.


SOURCE ARTICLE: Institute of Education Sciences