Hurricane Michael: Resources for People with Disabilities

These Disaster Readiness and Supply Kit Guides have been developed by Family Network on Disabilities for people with disabilities and their families. Please free to use them and share them as needed.

Hurricane Michael: Resources for People with Disabilities and Their Families

Family Network on Disabilities has been monitoring Hurricane Michael’s progress closely. Two hours ago the Governor’s office warned Panhandle residents of the magnitude of Hurricane Michael and the urgent need to take action immediately.

The National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane #Michael is now an extremely dangerous category four hurricane and its outer rain bands are beginning to reach the coast. This is a life-threatening event for portions of the northeastern Gulf Coast.

Family Network on Disabilities has developed the two following resources for people with disabilities and their families. We understand first-hand how stressful and confusing these times are for any family, much more when families have a loved one with special needs who requires more planning and support.

What’s inside and how can it help?

Disaster Readiness – 12 pages (click to view, print, or download) 

* Evacuation Planning

* Actions to be Taken in Emergency Situations

* Family Emergency Plan (Includes Sample Family Plan)

* Tip Sheet on Helping Children Cope with Disasters

* Making a Plan for Individuals with Disabilities (Includes Plan Maintenance Chart)

* Special Needs Shelters

* Recovery

* Notes Page

A Disaster Supply Kit (click to view, print, or download)

  • The Six Basic Areas You Should Stock for Your Home
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. First Aid and Supplies
  4. Clothing and Bedding
  5. Tools and Emergency Supplies
  6. Special Needs Items
  • Item Checklist
  • Notes



These resources are completely free of charge and can be used online or can be printed as needed.

Please feel free to contact us for questions or more information.

(727) 523-1130

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Eliana Tardio
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